If its adventure in the tropics that you desire, we’ve got it in Sri Lanka! Get ready for action in taking part in wildlife safaris, eco-adventures, white water rafting, caving, rock climbing, orienteering, nature trips, river adventures and more – all in one place under the tropical sun!

The climate and geography of Sri Lanka backs eco holiday activities for any tourist. The rolling hills, national parks, rainforests, sanctuaries, wetlands, mangrove swamps, waterfalls and meandering rivers await to be explored by the keen adventurist. They are sure to present you with delightful insights into Sri Lankan wildlife as well as its mesmerizing natural settings.

Being a bio-diversity hotspot, Sri Lanka is home to many a fauna and flora including endemic and migratory birds, elephants, leopards and varied reptiles and amphibians as well as several endangered species. Did you know? Sri Lanka has over 220 waterfalls and 3368 flowering plants, as well as 90% amphibians, 25-75% reptiles and vertebrates, 50% fresh water fishes of the world’s animal species including!

Organized tours, round trips as well as customised packages are available from leading tour operators including visits to national parks in Sri Lanka such as Wilpattu, Yala, Udawalawe and Kumana. Places of interest include the Sinharaja Forest (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) with native animals and plants, the Kanneliya Forest Reserve, Namaluyana (South Asia’s largest Rose Pink Quartz mountain range, with its own history and legend) and the IFS-Popham Arboretum in Dambulla.

Be it by car, bike, river raft or foot, there are many roads, pathways and rivers that you can take on your eco holiday. Certified organizations with trained personnel offer group packages for adventure experiences. Hiking and trekking is the main sport followed by tourists while other package services available include water sport holidays (canoeing/kayaking and white water rafting), eco adventure holidays, mountain sport holidays (mountain biking and caving), cycling visits, camping holidays and whale & dolphin watching tours amongst many others.

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